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Thursday, 29 August 2013

CD Release: "Happiness" by Glyn Bailey & The Many Splendid Things - available now


1: When Love Calls
2: I, Robinson
3: Not Guilty
4: Iamaman
5: Whisky Time
6: John The Revelator
7: Spirit Warning
8: Tempting
9: The Seven Secrets Of Happiness
10: Amsterdam

Available as a digital download or as a proper cd in a box (limited edition signed and numbered) .
Purchase links:

Our Bit:

If you haven't come across Glyn before, then you really don't know what you are missing.  The thing about this album is that, when you listen to it - and hear all the high class production work that has obviously gone into it, you'll be wondering why Glyn Bailey and the Many Splendid Things  aren't better known than they are..?  Why aren't they on Jools Holland - why not on at Glastonbury and the other big festivals.... why aren't they on 6 Music...?

Bailey's self penned songs are really clever - and not about the usual pop-py subjects either. But you do need to listen and give a bit of thought to the lyrics to really appreciate them.

Paul's favourite track on here (at the moment... these things often change with more listening...) is The Seven Secrets Of Happiness - probably because it has a clever "commercial radio" theme   while Lucy has always been a big fan of the Jacques Brel song "Amsterdam" which is covered as the last track - a really evocative rendition that almost has you smelling the smells of the old port in question... 

We think Glyn and the guys are really gifted musicians and deserve your support.  Glyn has a solo outing at Lowther Pavilion in Lytham on Friday 6th September and then the full band are playing at the Galleon Bar in Blackpool on Thursday 12th September - so why not go along and check them out?

The Official Bit:

Three years on from their previous album The Disturbance, Glyn Bailey and his band are pleased to present their follow-up HAPPINESS

In addition to his regular band of Many Splendid Things and long term musical collaborator Phil Senior, extra musicians were drafted in to add further spice to the recording sessions. These included percussionist to the stars Brian Costello, Ska trumpeter Dave Booth, Classically trained Violinist Liz Beahan & Jazz-funk Saxophonist John McLafferty.

The new collection may be lightened with flashes of his trademark dark humour, but there remains the underlying theme of an ironic look at the popular view of humanity as fast approaching its endgame, allowing full vent to Bailey’s natural inclination toward misanthropy. Belying the apocalyptic origins, HAPPINESS weaves a musical spell, with seductive melodies and addictive hooks to draw the listener into what seems to be a familiar and pleasant landscape, while the lyrics offer glimpses of menace lurking in the shadows. It’s an album that could be described as the antithesis of all that the X Factor generation has come to expect!

Take the opening triumvirate – commencing with the honesty of the album’s opener When Love Calls, it’s theme of romantic dissolution, each man as an island with the Crusoe inspired I, Robinson, into the cynicism of The Man with the anthemic Not Guilty, each song summarising what Bailey judges to be wrong with humanity, albeit in four minute chunks.

For more information about the band, look here: