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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rebellion Festival 2013 - Sunday Round Up

Monica & The Explosion (photo below right)
Balsall Heathens
Louie "One Song" Raw
Ren Spits At Magpies
Jenny Woo
Mauri Clash City Rocker with special guest Colin McFaull of Cock Sparrer (photo left)
The Pukes
Choking Susan (bottom photo)

More photos and reports to follow so please check back!

REBELLION 2013  Lucy's Take (she is also writing a Rebellion, Blackpool poem)

I love the Literary Stage, Poetry Stage and Art Exhibition and was pleased to see this was again held in The Spanish Hall and that more people were exhibiting than last year.   I always find something I really love and this year was no exception, so it's just as well there is a year in which to save up!

There was a wonderful line-up again this year - too many to see them all and the headliners all have a massive following - Buzzcocks, The Damned, The Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, The Misfits, Cockney Rejects  …

Just a few of the amazing bands we saw on the main stages:

Pink Hearse, Dragster, Texas Terri Bomb, Hazel O'Connor (with fantastic saxophone playing), Peter and the Test Tube Babies, 999, Vice Squad, The A Heads, and Choking Susan.

And at Almost Acoustic - Monica and The Explosion, Balsall Heathens (featuring the most amazing violinist - wow!), Louie Raw, Ren Spits at Magpies, Jenny Woo and Mauri Clash City Rocker.

And no - your eyes don't deceive you Mauri was indeed joined on stage by Colin McFaull of Cock Sparrer who sang along to Mauri's versions of "Because you're young" and "England belongs to me". Mauri's performance was truly sensational and the audience loved him, throwing him a Clash T-shirt when he had to change his own, sweat-drenched T-shirt.

New to me were The Pukes an 18-strong all-singing, all-dancing ukelele band who were absolutely mind-blowing.  The Pukes, who have been going just over two years, put on a really superb show in The Bizrare Bazaar in the Pavilion Theatre, with lots of colour and choreographed movement and the sound was wicked - it drowned out the Red Arrows who were flying above the Winter Gardens for Blackpool's annual airshow.   I am definitely saving up now for a Pukes T-shirt and CD.

And last but not least, I caught sight of a beautiful top hat worn by a very elegant lady in the Almost Acoustic bar (another one for the list!) and an interesting T-shirt on Friday afternoon in the Pavilion (another for the list!) which, thanks to Paul's eye for detail and ability to search things out on the Internet, we identified as being "Anthem for a Fighting Nation" of The London Diehards, an East End of London band formed by Ciaran (Lead Guitar) and Steve (Bass Guitar) who previously played for Retaliator.

Now the interesting thing about that London Diehards T-shirt is that because it advertises the London Diehards' album "Anthem for a Fighting Nation" it is very World War One commemorative, so it will be perfect to wear at my Female Poets of the First World War exhibitions.

Thank you to Mauri's friend Gary Packman for his suggestions of bands we might enjoy - we did indeed Gary!
As always, a huge thank you to all the 'back room boys and girls' who work so hard to make Rebellion the success it is and to all the staff at the Winter Gardens.   Fantastic.

Lucy, Rebellion, 11th August 2013