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Friday, 27 September 2013

WW1 Memorial Book - "Higher Bebington's Heroes 1914 - 1919"

"Higher Bebington's Heroes 1914 - 1919" is a 122-page work of dedication by the author listing the names of the 29 men whose names are recorded on a Memorial Tablet in Christ Church in Higher Bebington, Wirral.   There is an introduction which explains Dave's family link to the First World War and a map of the area in 1910.   Dave has researched biographical details of all of the men with photographs of them and in many cases pictures of where they lived and photographs of their graves.

When you think about it, this is just one church in a relatively small English village - one tiny corner of the world. Imagine how many other, similar Memorial Tablets there must be throughout the rest of our world!  It would be great to think that eventually every single person who died in the Great War could be recorded in a similar manner. And then there are all those who helped in many different ways and whose lives were changed for ever...  

"Higher Bebington's Heroes 1914 - 1919" by Dave Horne, published in 2012 by Countryvise Ltd., Birkenhead, Wirral.

ISBN No. 978 1 906823 77 1

Book and cover design by Charles McIntyre