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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Best Kept Secrets Radio Show on 103.2 Preston FM - Saturday 1st February 2014 From 4pm

Tune in to our Best Kept Secrets radio show on 103.2 Preston FM this Saturday 1st February from 4pm.

We'll be featuring north west artists Ryan Cregan (in photo) and AD Cooke ,
Reviews of "War Girls" audio book and "A Service Rendered" war poetry collection,
Lucy talks about Pete and Alan Seeger, The Womens' Hospital in World War 1 and a bit about Clerihews.

There is a great doubleplay from The Corrs, the highly popular "Party Like It's 1959" slot and also new releases from Twin Forks and Reverend & The Makers.

So join us from 4pm on Saturday on 103.2 Preston FM.  If you live outside the broadcast area, you can "listen live" online at