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Monday, 19 May 2014

Review: Agatha Christie's "Black Coffee" at Blackpool Grand Theatre - runs until Saturday!

If you're still having withdrawal symptoms following the screening of the very last Poirot story on TV, then fear not - here is another great Poirot mystery from the pen of Agatha Christie.

Having had 25 years of David Suchet's rendition of the Belgian 'tec, I wasn't sure what to expect from Robert Powell's new interpretation.  I'd seen RP appear in all sorts of things on TV - from playing Jesus of Nazareth, Captain Walker in Tommy and Richard Hannay in the 39 Steps to a drippy detective alongside Jasper Carrot - so his versatility as an actor was never in question.  And I'm pleased to say that I liked his Hercule Poirot very much indeed.  Less bombastic than Peter Ustinov's, more light hearted than Albert Finney's - very much his own version of Poirot, rather than trying to copy anyone else's.

This show has a really great cast including Liza Goddard (loved her since Skippy - yes, honestly...) and a whole host of others who really suit the story.

The plot has all the elements you'd expect to see in a good Agatha Christie mystery - murder in country house, lots of suspects, lots of red herrings and clever detective skills that solve the crime.  Great costumes, scenery and music  as well - by the way.

I won't tell you what happens because I don't want to spoilt it for you but if you like a good mystery play, and love Agatha Christie stories then you really will enjoy this production.

It runs at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool until Saturday. You can find out about bookings here:

There's a full list of UK tour dates here: