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Hero 2011: Christmas CD For the Troops - Contributions Sought

TTN Records is currently preparing its 2011 CD for the troops. This is our Christmas present to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice that our troops make on our behalf.

Musical contributions are now being received.  You can submit your song / music / poem as an mp3 to  or send a CD through the post (please email for address details).

Artists who have already agreed to appear on the CD for this year are:

Mauri Clash City Rocker
Bright Shapes
Emma Holbrook
Lisa Marie Taylor
Steph Ashcroft
Jim Marshall
Liam Halewood
Ashley Benjamin
Kath Reade
Stuart MacFarlane
Glyn Bailey & The Many Splendid Things
Jessica Guillot
Virtual Strangers
Eva Fox

Launch Night: Tuesday 8th November, Carousel Hotel, South Promenade, Blackpool
To be held in aid of the Royal Air Force Association.

This is NOT a fundraising CD - we do NOT sell these CDs and we do NOT make any money out of this, in fact it costs us a considerable amount to put together in both money and time but we feel that this a rewarding project on many different levels.


We invite local artists to contribute a track to go on the CD - this can be an original work or a favourite cover version.

We compile the CD to have a good a balance of content to suit all tastes and interests

We apply for - and pay for - the PRS/MCPS licence so everything is completely above board.

We produce the CD cover with a full tracklist and details of all the artsist who have contributed. We can add a website address or myspace page details to help promote each artist.

We pay to have the CDs professionally pressed and sleeves professionally printed

We arrange a CD launch party where contributing artists are invited to come along play. The evening is held in aid of a selected military or ex-servciemens charity or association.  Representatives of that charity or association attend the event and hold a raffle, collection or whatever other fundraising activities thay choose. The charity collect the money themselves and take it away with them on the night - we do not touch it at any time.

We give the selected charity / association a quantity of CDs for them to use for fundraising purposes. They may choose to sell these on the night or may hold them back to auction at other functions.

We give a quantity of CDs to other military charities / associations who are sending parcels to the troops for Christmas

We send copies of the CD, along with PR materials to the various BFBS stations and Garrison Radio stations and to the military rehabilitation centre at Headley Court.

We send a copy of the CD to interested local radio stations.

Each contributing artist receives a copy of the CD.

We also undertake to provide copies of the CD free of charge to any other military / ex servicemens charity or association who requests one for fundraising purposes.

We send out press release to local media to help promote the CD and the artists who appear on it.

We promote the CD and its artists via the radio shows and websites that we are associated with.

Please note that any artist / band / individual who submits a track is deemed to have accepted the above. The submitted track will only used for the purposes of the CD as described above and / or for the purposes of promotion of the CD or the launch evening.  It is also implied that the use of the artist / band / individual's image may be used for these purposes.

Artists who contribute to the CD do not HAVE to play at the launch evening but they are welcome to do so if they can attend and if practical.


The 2010 launch evening was held at the Wings Club in Thornton - Cleveleys in aid of the RAF Association's "Miles More Minutes" campaign. Information and photos from the evening can be seen here:

The 2009 event was held at the Carousel Hotel on South Promenade, Blackpool, in aid of the Royal Marines Association, Fylde Branch. Details can be seen here:

The 2008 launch evening was held at the Carousel Hotel in aid of Help For Heroes. Details and photos can be seen here: