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Miss Blackpool Competition - Previous Winners Project

2014 will mark the 60th anniversary of one of Britain's oldest and most respected beauty contests and to celebrate, Paul and Lucy are putting together a detailed history of the Miss Blackpool Competition.

We are keen to feature as may of the previous winners as possible and would also like to hear from anybody who has photographs, newspaper cuttings and other memorabilia.

This will all then be put together in book form and sold in aid of the current Miss Blackpool Competition's adopted charity, which is the Blackpool Polar Bears disabled swimming club.

You can find out more about the current Miss Blackpool competition here:

and more about the Blackpool Polar Bears here:

Below is a list of all the previous winners of the competition.  If YOU are on this list, if you know somebody who is or if you are related to a previous winner, please get in touch with us here: HERE

Miss Blackpool Competition Winners:
1954    Elaine Smith
1955    Eira Roberts
1956    Leila Williams

1957    Margaret Wroe
1958    No contest staged
1959    Marilyn Davies
1960    Barbara Smith
1961    Anne Thelwall
1962    Joyce Kay
1963    Cheryl Driscoll
1964    Jennifer Gurley
1965    Pamela Harrison
1966    Julie Owen
1967    Nina Scott
1968    Marie Smith
1969    Pat Brooks 
1970    Dawn Cooke
1971    Linda Thomas
1972    Linda Benn
1973    Wendy Anne George

1974    Sheila Mitchell
1975    Ann Dunsford
1976    Gillian Clark
1977    Susan Hempel
1978    Janet Withey
1979    Pamela Jewitt
1980    Caroline Bell 
1981    Geraldine Fuller
1982    Linzi Butler
1983    Jane Kennedy
1984    Vicky Ellis
1985    Karel Horton
1986    Zoe Bolsover
1987    Lesley Anne Steele
1988    Janet Pasquil
9    Elaine Durr
1990    Helen Upton 
1991    Jane Collier
1992    Claire Smith 
1993    Julie Gillian
1994    Rhianydd-Lesley Jones
1995    Karen Jean Smith


1996    Jennifer McLoughlin
1997    Vicki Lee Walberg
1998    Caroline Loeben
1999    Caroline Porter
2000    Natalie James
2001    Joanne Birchall
2002    Tanya Robinson
2003    Lindsey Perry
2004    Terri Williams
2005    Donna Fleetwood
2006    Sally Hempel 
2007    Gemma Louise Henry
2008    Nicola Cowell
2009    Jessica Berry

2010    Ella Green


2011    Hollie Robinson

2012    Kim Braithwaite
2013    Kendall Rae Knight